4 pitch

4 pitch comb sets

3 woods to choose from.
Price - $545 ($CAD)

Our 4-pitch sets comprise of a single comb, hackle, two clamps, together with two tine straighteners and a simple plastic diz. The sets come in their own plywood storage / carrying box. Our stainless steel tines are shaped to help loading and lashing fibres, also fingers from being combed along with the fibres.

The comb is designed for comfortable use, having the 'Forsyth' signature handles and good balance. Made from hardwoods. Currently available in 'Jatoba,' or 'Black Walnut'.

We have two designs available, the 4-pitch "FINE" and the 4-pitch "SUPERFINE." Each type process fibre from your washed fleece into wonderful 'top' for spinning. Our 4-pitch combs do the job of the traditional 5 pitch combs but have the advantage of being able to process shorter fibres that the traditional combs fail on. They remove most of the neps, noils and debris from the fibre.

The comb sets are useful for blending colours, they also blend different fibres together, requiring only one or two passes prior to diz'ing off.

De-hairing - the removal of guard hair. This can also be achieved on our 4 pitch design because the longer, and much coarser fibres will project out further than the softer shorter fibers. These can be pulled off first and stored for later use.
Contact us for information sheet explaining the difference between Fine and Superfine sets and which type of 4 pitch might suit you best.

Fine v Superfine pitch
Pitch difference, superfine / fine

Stainless steel tines
Jatoba wood

4 pitch comb Black Walnut
Black Walnut wood


Eastern Maple wood