Mini comb Clamp

Price - $80 ($CAD)

Our unique clamp allows you to secure one of our Mini Woolcombs to a table or flat surface up to 1½ inches (4 cm) thick.
Longer screws will be required for a thicker table.
The clamp is hand made from Eastern Maple and has rubber pads to protect table surfaces and your Woolcomb handle.
We've even fitted sleeves to the screws to protect your table edge.
After combing your fibre with Mini Woolcombs, place the fibre-filled comb into the secured clamp, closing the lid and catch to keep the comb securely in place.
Now you can use two hands draw the fibre off, or use a diz to produce a more even top.
The clamp is particularly useful for spinners who find it awkward to hold a Woolcomb while dizzing.
It comes with instructions to assist you with the assembly and adjustment.

Mini-comb clamp components