Our Blending Hackles

Prices - in $CAD
Regular $350
Mini $240
Hackle clamps, (optional), add $30 pair

Hackles come with tine cover.

A Blending Hackle is a specialized tool used by spinners to blend different colours or fibre types.

Clamped securely to a table, fibre is loaded onto the tines in blocks, then drawn through the tines by hand, or with a Diz to get the desired blend.

The blend could be an alternation of differently dyed fleece, or different natural coloured fleece.

A Blending Hackle allows you to blend fibre for your individual needs.

Loading wool onto the Blending Hackle is much easier with prepared fibre.
Prepared fibre is fibre that has been combed or flicked, fibre with open locks, or commercially prepared top.
For best results, all of the fibre should be of a similar length.

There are different methods to blend fibre. One method is to draw the fibre through a diz: you select and mix fibres from different blocks as they pass through the diz.
Another method is to use a Mini Woolcomb to draw fibres from different blocks to create your blend, then spin it directly from the comb, or form a top with a diz.

The number of tines make it very easy to blend large or small quantities of fibre at once.
The tips of the tines point away from you for safety and to better catch the fibre.
The clearance afforded by the angled edge of the base makes it easier to work on the Hackle with a Mini Woolcomb.

Blending Hackle Clamps (optional)
Our Hackles are made with two holes to enable a pair of clamps to be used instead of 'C' clamps. Our hackle clamps are optional.

Hackle with clamps
Long hackle with optional clamps

Hackle clamped
Hackle clamps in use