Double row Mini-combs

Price - $190 $CAD

We are proud to say that our Combs are "the ones" used by fibre specialist Judith MacKenzie.
Judith thinks our combs are wonderful, and you cannot get a higher recommendation than that.
Feedback from delighted users give us the confidence to say that our hand crafted Woolcombs are the finest available and we're sure that you will agree.

Woolcombs prepare fibre for the production of a worsted yarn. They do this by aligning the fibres and removing the shorts and second cuts of the fleece.
At the same time, combing removes most of the foreign matter and vegetation. There's no need to pick the fibre with these combs, but the fibre must be dry and clean of oil or grease.
Wool is attached to one comb and then transferred to the other by a series of strokes at a ninety-degree angle with the second comb.
The transfer puts the long fibres on the second comb and when no more can be transferred the short fibres and vegetation are removed from the tines of the first comb and discarded.
The transfer is repeated four times leaving only the long fibres nicely aligned on the comb.
The fibre is then drawn off, hand-over-hand, or by using a diz to make a top that "spins like butter."
Fibre can also be spun directly from the comb using a Woolcomb table clamp.
Our Woolcombs are made with Eastern Maple and fitted with a double row of stainless steel tines.
They come with a canvas storage bag and simple diz to get you started. Watch the video clip to see how to use them to produce top.
Note: Pairs of combs include storage bag and simple plastic diz.