On 4 Feb 2011, at 09:57, Patrice A wrote from Los Angeles CA.
Got the video and I think that will do it for me...if not, I will get in touch with you.
Thank you for everything, your help, your assistance and your generosity.  I am
putting the 2 checks in the mail this morning and look forward to receiving the wonderful to be able to do business with you!  There are
definitely not too many people like you guys around....

On 10 Feb 2011, at 19:18, Rocky L wrote from Washington:
I purchased a set of your small fine tooth combs a few years back and they are great.  I have really worked them hard.  The other brands teeth came out after a few months. One of the teeth is a little  crooked but it still works like a champ.  I have sold sheep and fleece at fairs and fiber festival just combing wool next to my pens. Your combs are a class act with excellant quality.   

On 19th Feb 2011, at 18:11, Patrice A  wrote from Los Angels:
Just wanted to let you know that the box arrived today, safe and sound.
Everything is absolutely beautiful...just as I imagined it would be!
Can't wait to use it.
Thanks again, so very much, for everything!

On 18th Feb 2011, Cheryl W. from Saltspring Island BC wrote about the 4 pitch set we sent:
Thanks so much for all your wonderful workmanship.
and on 19th Feb added:
Hi, our parcel notification arrived late yesterday so we were able to pick up the combs at the post office today. I checked them over and everything has arrived in excellent condition. I know all the spinners in the guild will be very excited to get the opportunity to use these babies. Thanks very much!

On 23rd Feb Janet B from Plainfield Illinois wrote:
Good Evening Susan and Andrew,  
My lovely combs arrived yesterday-safe and sound. Thank you so much. I had my heart set on these since I saw Judith MacKenzie using them in her DVD. So blessed to have them-thank you again.
Best Regards

On 2nd March Cande W. from Alexandria VA wrote:
ello Andrew and Susan,  
Just wanted to let you know that my combs arrived today. Wow! That was fast, and they are so beautiful. I can understand why Judith loves them. Now I can't wait to get home from work and try them out.

Here is an interesting and well done on a podcast from Yarnspinners Tales, episode 58. Dated 14th Feb 2011.
The podcaster discusses combs and comb selection.

On 26th March Penelope from Knoxville Tennessee wrote:
Susan and Andrew,
My mini-combs have just arrived, and they're beautiful.  I can't wait to
start learning to use them!  Thank you. Penelope

On 28th March 20111
Posted on Website (Fiber prep discussion group)
Sandy from New York City discusses Forsyth Combs. Click the link below to read her comments and others that follow.

On 30th March 2011 Alice from Manassas VA wrote:
Hi Susan,
I was third in line at the post office this morning.... I rushed over to my best friends house (Liz) to open the box with her. We both tried out the combs after admiring all the bits and the box (stunning). If it wasn't for Liz and her mini combs I would have never thought to go to Canada to get my combs. Thanks for such a wonder product.
Fiber hugs   Alice

On 30th March 2011
Posted on (Fiber prep discussion group). Post # 368 Ladybuga61 remarked....
I just got my Forsyth 4 pitch super fine and they are wonderful. Fewer passes to finish then it took with my former pair of 5 pitch. The handles are very comfortable, that was my biggest reason for the change because I have broken both of my hands in the past. I would get tired and sore very easily with my old combs but I have been using my Forsyth’s all day and am only stopping because I have to go home.

On 2nd April Jery from Black Creek BC wrote:
Hi Susan and Andrew:
The wool combs and hackle arrived yesterday.  Thank you so much.  They are exquisite.  I can't wait to use them.  Jery

0n 3rd April John W. from Portland Oregon wrote:
Hello Andrew and Susan,
I can't begin to tell you how much I love my mini-combs!  They are the best that I have ever had the pleasure of handling.    Sincerely,  John
On 4th April Florence T. sent this feedback from Tasmania, Australia :

Well, what a delight your beautiful combs are!!  (4 pitch set)
Have fiddled around with them - combing some Alpaca fleece (very simple as you would know) and some Perendale ( a New Zealand breed Merino cross creature's fleece which has plenty of wax/lanoline in it).  It has been such a joy to use a comb which can cope with a decent downward thrust (and not muck up my fingers).  The way you have designed the attachments (so that they the comb can adhere to  a firm surface of various thicknesses is perfect and I'm sure not only for me..  
All power to you.  I've had  a lovely afternoon combing some alpaca and turning it into a georgeous (my word) smoky cloud.
The parcel arrived in Deloraine on Monday and because I live several kilometres from the town centre, a note only was left in my letterbox.  Of course the very good people who man the main post office had it there when I went to collect it this morning.  
Thank you again. Kind regards  Florence

On April 14th Toni G. from New York wrote about her new mini-combs:
Susan, I just wanted to let you know the combs arrived today, and I love them!  As soon as I opened the box, I grabbed some locks I've had just waiting for the combs, and they work beautifully! The bag will be so handy to store them in!
Thanks so much! Toni

On 15th April Caron W. from South Carolina opened her mini combs and sent this:
Hi Susan,
Received my mini combs yesterday and spent several hours in fiber bliss, combing locks from my favorite Romney fleece, and diz'ing beautiful top for future spinning. They'll be put to good use - and often !  I have other combs, but these have quickly become my favorite, so I'll be sending others your way!
Thanks to you and Andrew for your excellent craftsmanship and customer 'care' !  Hope to order a hackle soon.

On 20th April Diana K from Lanena, Australia received her 4 pitch set:
Dear Susan,
I received the wool combs this morning. They are very beautiful. The housing box is a great idea. Thank you. I am just about to try them out.
I’ll probably be back in the near future buying a set of the fine combs as well!
Thank you also for the tracking information. It was very helpful.
Kind regards, Diana

On 28th April Kevin M. from London, England received his 4 pitch set:
Dear Both, they arrived safely about half an hour ago. I am truly delighted with the look, finish and also the clever carrying box provided.
Many thanks, I shall certainly show them off at the next Guild meeting I go to. Kevin.

On 10th May Kevin added:
Very many thanks for the combs.
Thanks again, and if anyone over here wants to hear from someone who has your combs before they decide to buy, please give them my e-mail.
I will be happy to recommend your products!
All the best,

On 4th May Sandra D. from Grimley TN sent:
(Re minicombs and clamp.)
My combs arrives yesterday.  Beautiful tools!  I'm sure I'll enjoy them.  Thank you!

On 27th May Sue H. from Renton WA received her 4 pitch set:
Hi Susan and Andrew,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the extra fine comb and hackle set early this afternoon and have been working on a Cormo fleece ever since!  The combs are stunning - easy to use, beautifully crafted, and they produce a lovely product.  I couldn't be any happier.
Thank you both for the videos and the craftsmanship involved in putting together a wonderful experience for me as a new spinner.  I love the storage case and even found the diz to be easier to use than some fancy wooden ones I purchased.  Milk carton indeed!
I'll carry these proudly into my Judith McKenzie McCuin workshop next weekend.  Best wishes,Sue

On 27th May Ladybug posted the following on (fiber prep group)
I have the 2 row mini combs and I have the super fine four pitch. I love them both. My friend Liz got the fine four pitch so we had a comb off in her kitchen to see what the difference was up close and personal. We are glad we got the different ones so that we can switch off when we need to. I have a Columbia fleece that would work out better with the fine and Liz has some Alpaca that she wants to borrow my super fine for. So far I have used the super fine on a bit of every fleece I have and everything comes out beautiful. The handles feel wonderful in my hands and because the four pitch are so well balanced they don’t feel heavy at all.

On 30th May Doowicky posted the following on (fiber prep group)
I have to throw in my two cents here, on two counts.
First, I have the Forsyth Fine combs, 4-pitch and a shoulder issue. These are extremely well-balanced combs, I’ve worked with some that aren’t, and the difference is night and day. Even combing with my better arm (the one attached to the shoulder that isn’t wonky), my wrist, arm and shoulder got tired with the others quickly, and I can go a LONG time with the Forsyth combs.
Second, Susan’s videos are such a pleasure to watch, not only detailed, with ongoing explanations in a soothing voice, but the male voice in the background asks questions just about the time a viewer would have them, and then lets Susan continue to explain. The camera work is excellent also. I watched another combing video with a husband/wife combo, and he was so enamoured of his own voice (having little to say but lots of time talking to prove that) so that she was unable to explain what she was doing. I wanted to strangle him within minutes, aiming for both thumbs disabling his larnyx, LOL!
I learned to comb largely from Susan’s first video where she worked with Romney on both the fine and superfine combs, and the video of the hackle blending is also extremely valuable.
Great job -- both quality of combs but also showing how to use them!!

On 29th June Sandra D. from Grimsley Tennessee received her paddle comb and wrote.
Hi Susan, 
They arrived while I was on vacation and were waiting for me today at the PO.  They're LOVELY!  Such nice feeling, beautiful to look at tools.  I can't wait to try them.  I have a friend who raises llamas, and I'll definitely take them on a visit to her place so we can try the dehairing that you show in your video. 
Thank you for wonderful service and superb tools. 
Sincerely,  Sandra D.

On 7th July Monique R from Quebec sent this about her minicombs /clamp order.
Hi Susan & Andrew,
I just received my combs, they are wonderfull.
So well thinked, and superbly finished. .
I am really happy having choising you, for this order.
Susan, it is because I saw your so well explained vidéo, if  I diceded to buy them.
Andrew you are a wonderfull artist, you signed  them too and I appréciate it very much.
I am very proud of them, and will talk about you, to my friends, for sure.
Thank you very much, to both of you.
Have à nice summer,  Monique.

On 11th July Char D. from Edmonton, Alberta sent this feedback.
Hi Susan:
Got my parcel today.  I have tried the combs and love them.  I travel so I can take them and the clamp and other stuff right with me no problem  The diz and threader works fine only I am going to have to practice with it to really make long roving.  I am very pleased with everything .
Thank you again for your great service.

On 11th July Robin sent this...
I  first have to say that I love my jennie plyer, just genius!!!  Also love the new video as well definitely explained the pod.  I'm hoping with fingers crossed that you have a jennie plyer that I can purchase for my cousin.  Where was this wonderful thing last May when we were with Judith at that Texas retreat!!!   Robin

On 13th July Caron from South Carolina sent this...
Susan, Andrew -
Am sooooo happy with my mini wool combs - truly beautiful and functional fiber tools!
I'd like to order the 10" blending hackle now (while patiently (?) watching my ever growing wish list of your products!) I'm hosting a "Tools of the Trade" fiber workshop at my farm in August and am eager to use/show your products. A friend recently bought your mini combs after I raved over them, and she also bought the Russian paddle combs -oh, I can't wait to see/use them !!
Thanks again for providing us with such wonderful tools (and videos).  Eager to add more !

On 14th July Sue H. from Ringwood, Hampshire, England, contacted us with this feedback on her mini-woolcombs etc...
Hello Susan
Just to let you know that the beautiful wool combs, diz and threader arrived safely this morning, and I am thrilled with them.  Thank you both very much indeed for all your time and effort, it is very much appreciated.
Best wishes

On 19th July Laia, fom Barcelona Spain sent about her mini-combs...
They arrived very fast.
I'm very happy with the combs!
Thank you very much!       Laia.

On 2nd August, Martha from Paulsbo, Washington sent this:-
Good Morning Susan and Andrew,
I'm so tickled with my new combs and the clamp. They work so well and the master craftsmanship within makes them all the more special to me. Thank you, thank you. I'll make another order one of these days soon. Sincerely, Martha

On 2nd August Monika from Burgdorf, Germany send this about her mini-combs.
Hu Susan,
I today released the combs from customs.
They are beautiful. I am looking forward to testing them next weekend.
Regards, Monika

On 20th August Ellen S. from Minnentonka MN wrote.....
I am so very much enjoying my mini-combs which I purchased from you earlier this year, by the way.

On 13th Aug Joe M.from Pepperell, MA sent this :-
Just placing another order. My wife LOVES the mini wool combs I got for her birthday.
On 30th August Char D from Edmonton, Alberta wrote:-
Susan: Thank you so much for the phone call.  My wheel is now purring like a kitten.  I hope that I didn’t bother you but please charge me for the phone call.
You and your husband’s company are absolutely wonderful.

On October 13th Nora S. from Port Townsend, WA wrote:-
Hi Susan : Just wanted to give you the gold star for shipping - my clamp was delivered today already!  My daughter lives in Vancouver BC, and it can take almost 2 weeks for a letter to arrive, so I'm very impressed.  And, of course, I dropped everything and tried the clamp - it works wonderfully well.  Thanks

On October 17th Mary E.from Standish, Maine got her mini-combs and clamp then sent:-
Combs arrived today!-they are beautiful...can't wait to use them.....thank you thank you

On October 17th Jennifer M. from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, wrote about her mini-combs and clamp:-
Hello Susan,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the combs yesterday. They are beautiful tools! I put them to work straightaway, and they turned my alpaca locks into the softest, shiniest top. I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship--they will last a very long time indeed.
Thanks very much for your responsiveness. I'm looking forward to more Forsyth tools in my collection someday! ............Best, Jennifer

On November 3rd Nicole Fournier from Switzerland got her Russian Paddle combs and sent:-
Hi Susan,
I received today the Russian Paddle Combs Set. It's great. Thank you for the prompt service.
Best regards

On November 3rd Theresa P. from Stafford, Virginia sent this:-
Dear Susan,
I just received my plyer this morning.Thank you again for the fast response to me on the where abouts of the Jennie. It will be greatly used and loved.
Thank You

On November 5th Marion P. from Alpena, Michigan sent us an e-mail having just received her 4 pitch Fine set.
Hello Susan,
Thanks so much for the beautiful combs which arrived safely yesterday in excellent condition. I'm looking forward to using them shortly.
Cheers, Marion

On 23rd Nov Diane G. from Kensington, Maryland received her 4 pitch set:
Hello Susan & Andrew,   
My combs arrived this afternoon...right in the middle of Thanksgiving pie baking!  
No time to stop and play, but I did give them a quick look tonight.   They look great!  
The packing job was superb. I love the matching diz and threader wood you picked out. 
It all matches nicely AND stores in the comb box to boot!   Thank you so much I can’t wait to try
them out! I have some unfortunate cormo that is the worse for wear from washing, dyeing and triple
picking. My first project is to see if I can salvage any of it...

On 18th Jan 2012 Penny T. from Knoxville, Tennessee sent a message:
Susan,   The blending hackle arrived today.  It's a beautiful tool, and I can't wait to try it.  Please thank Andrew for doing such fine work.

On 24th Nov 2012 Andrea L. from Stratford, Ontario received her 4pitch set and long blending hackle, she writes:
Hi Susan, I've received my combs!  :)  They're more stunning than I had expected!  Absolutely wonderful. :)  
Thanks for your quick replies and fast service. I love them!

On 18th Jan 2012 Connie A. from Eureka, California received her 4 pitch set.She writes :
Picked up the combs from the PO today and just now had a chance to unpack them.
They are beautiful and the box, what a work of art!  Thanks to you both.
Can't wait to try them out tomorrow morning.

On 14th Jan 2012 Luann S. from Smithton, Montana emailed us about her Double row mini combs.
Susan, I got the combs this morning.  I love them.  Luann

On 2nd March 2012 Beth Parks from Cambridgeshire, UK. sent this after receiving her mini-combs and clamp.
Hi Susan
Your combs arrived safely today, thank you.
They look lovely; the attention to detail in their craftsmanship, a joy to behold. I shall enjoy using them. Best wishes Beth

On 2nd March 2012 Suzanne P. from New York sent this about her new mini-combs:-
Dear Susan: 
My mini-combs arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon.  They are beautiful, very comfortable to work with.
Thank you very much.
All the best, Suzanne

On 27th Feb. 2012 Nan B. from Fond u Lac, Wisconsin sent:-
Received the combs…thank you they are beautiful !

On 4th March Beverly F. from Rogue River, Oregon, sent this message:-
Hi Andrew,
Let me take this opportunity to express to you my appreciation
of your beautiful fiber tools. The woods are lovely to hold,
the clamping mechanisms are ingenious, the case is a clever puzzle
and they help me produce a soft and fluffy nest with which to contentedly spin-away!

On 16th March Ivy S. from Albany, Oregon sent this message.
Hi Susan, I received the Jenny Plyer today and am so delighted. The case is really neat, and the plyer is so well made. Such an ingenious design! I'm sure I will enjoy using it a lot. I ply mostly on spindles, and then I wind the singles onto bobbins with a bobbin winder, so this will allow me to make a multi-ply yarn really easily. It's important to enjoy our tools.
All the best, Ivy

On 22nd March Chanda K from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia wrote.
Hello Susan,
The superfine combs just arrived today. I had to try them immediately. They are beautiful! I can finally make roving out of my cormo and merino that doesn't get all those neppy bits. The combs are very easy to use. I love them and will cherish them for many years to come. Thank you so much! Chanda

March 24th Geraldine S. from Orange, Massachusetts wrote:-
Dear Susan,
My combs arrived yesterday.  They are lovely.  This morning I combed a little bit of my llama fiber.  Wow!  I had no idea how really beautiful this fiber is until I combed it.  I spun it with ease, much easier than the commercially prepared Romney top I have been using for practice.   I would like to try the diz but it is a mystery to me how to get  fiber through that little hole.  So, I would like to order a diz threader with matching diz.  Thank you, Geraldine

April 15th Cheryl G.from Edmonton, Alberta sent:-
Dear Susan. Just to let you know the wool combs have arrived in Edmonton and they look
lovely  - I can't wait to use them. The storage box is terrific. Many thanks Cheryl G.

April 18th Jennifer T. from Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, received her 4 pitch, mini-combs and clamp. She writes:-
Hi Andrew and Susan,
I just picked up my parcel from the post office. Wow! The combs are beautiful !!!
The workmanship is superb!! I can't wait to try them out! 
I am very happy with my purchase and will tell all my friends about your wonderful
products and service!
Thank you again!!

May 3rd Samantha D from Charlotte, North Carolina, received her tools, 4 pitch, mini-combs,comb clamp,Jennie Plyer,diz/threader set together with an orifice threader. She writes:-
Susan (and Andrew)
The combs arrived today and they are beautiful. And I do love my little orifice threader. Absolutely stunning.
I want to say as well that I am so delighted with the box and the neat little way it's all packed together. I'm enthralled! I can't wait to get started!

May 17th Judith K. from Steamburg, New York, sent this after receiving her 4 pitch superfine set.
My combs arrived this morning, and I'm SO pleased! They are beautiful, and I love the new box style.  I absolutely can't wait to start using them (but must finish shearing first!).  Thank you so much! And thanks also for the very nice plug for suri alpaca. Would you mind if I share it with other suri breeders on my FaceBook page?

May 23rd, Rikke B. sent this message from Listrup,DENMARK about her new double row mini-combs.
Dear Susan, The order arrived already Monday. I am so happy for the combs. Now I will save money for the Russian combs too.
Kind regards.  Rikke.

May 29th, Jan G from St Paul, Minnnesotta sent this message.
Hi, Susan and Andrew—
My mini woolcombs arrived today, and O! I'm in heaven! They're the loveliest combs I've ever used. I don't want to stop using them.
Thank you so much for making such splendid tools.—Jan

May 30th, Ruth H from Courtenay, British Columbia sent this after receiving her       4 pitch superfine set.
They arrived today and they are beautiful! I love the box. Thank you

May 30th, Susan G from Cowheart, Wyoming sent this.
Susan and Andrew,
I just received my wonderful Forsyth Superfine Combs! Unbelievable- the woodwork is gorgeous and the new box with the smell of the wood is over the top! These are already cherished tools!
I cannot be more excited- Thankyou both so much!

Susan G. Wyoming

June 3rd, Keith D. from Seattle, Washington sends this after receiving his new mini-combs and comb clamp.
Hi Susan & Andrew,
I wanted to let you know that my mini combs, clamp and pod arrived on Friday. What wonderfully fast service! Yesterday I dove in and combed some Dorset Down. Mind you these are my first combs and first time that I actually combed. I know that Dorset is a short-stapled fleece and not the perfect fiber for combing. But even after washing the wool still had a lot of dirt that I knew would not come out with hardcards. After a couple of passes the wool was much cleaner. And it wasn't difficult at all to comb the wool at a ~3" staple length. What a breeze and what fun! I couldn't stop.
I'm so happy I decided to go with your combs!!! Thank you for making such a stellar product. I can't wait to try the pod and clamp.

June 26th Janet B. from Plainfield, Illinois writes.
Hi Susan,
I picked up the paddle combs from the PO today. They are here safe and sound and are wonderful. I will play with them tomorrow- have a day off to enjoy!
Thanks so much to both you and Andrew. I appreciate the workmanship.
Best Wishes Janet

July 7th Janice W. from Burnaby, British Columbia sent a message.
I'm using my new combs for the first time today!  Fabulous!  Thank you again!  Janice

July 5th   Emilie L. from New Brunswick. sent this after receiving her 4 pitch set, double row combs and other tools.
The craftmanship is amazing and these combs are beautiful.

July 8th Tammy E. from Springfield, Montana sent:-
Susan ,I just wanted to let you know I received my combs yesterday and they are beautiful!  Andrew does fabulous work, and I'll be sharing them on my podcast this week.  :-)    Thank you again,Tammy
July 8th Andrea B. from Port Orchard, WA sent this about her new 4 pitch set:-
I almost forgot to send this to let you know my combs have arrived. They are working beautifully and are making short work of a very large alpaca fleece.
I love using items that are well crafted and have been obviously made with pride.
Regards, Andrea Brush

July 13th Cheryl R. from Daphne, Alabama sent this, re. her new combs, clamp and hackle.
I do love everything in my order--as I expected, just impeccably beautiful tools for my textile work. Cheryl

July 17th Elizabeth G. from Bridgetown, Nova Scotia sends this about her new Paddle combs.
Hi Susan,
The combs arrived yesterday & they are a fine tool, the craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you so much, your communication & promptness is much appreciated.

July 19th Li P. from Saint Paul, Minnesota sent this e-mail.
Hi there--
I received my beautiful hackle and clamps, and I'm so happy with them! The purple heart trim is a lovely touch, and the hackle works perfectly. This is a wonderful tool, functional and elegant. Thank you very much!   --  Li

July 18th Caryl C. from Pao Alto, California.
The paddle combs are wonderful.  I was able to comb and spin some black welsh mountain this afternoon very successfully.  I loved being able to sit and spin directly from the combs.  The videos were a huge help - made it very simple and straightforward to sit down and use the combs.  I was a bit worried that I might have ergonomic problems but I was very comfortable.  I'm very pleased with them!   thanks so much! -- caryl

14th Aug. Judy S. from Nevada City, California.
The combs & clamp arrived in excellent shape.  I am very impressed with the craftsmanship !!!  It is delightful to see such care and pride taken in these made to be used items!  I'm looking forward to using them.
be well and many blessings . . . judy
16th Aug. Laurie P. from  Lansdowne, Ontario sent this:-               .
Hi Susan and Andrew, 
The wool combs and hackle arrived safely yesterday. I was thrilled to pull them from the box and note how beautiful they are. The purple heart contrast is absolutely lovely against the maple. I work from home and found it very difficult to continue my day knowing the combs awaited me at the end of my work day. I tried them on a bit BFL fleece that I was given (because it is full of veg – but  a lovely fibre) and they worked wonderfully. The final roving (if that’s what you call the pre-drafted wool) was completely veg free. So I went out to the driveway where bits of fleece can still be seen in the grass and gravel around where I washed the fleece initially. I tried a driven-over, rained-on, piece of fluff complete with grass clippings and I couldn’t tell the result from the previous sample I had done. It was clean and fluffy and looked and felt the same – all in 4 passes. I absolutely love the combs – and am thrilled that they are as functional as they are beautiful. I have yet to try the hackle as I need to do a bit of dying first, but I can hardly wait. 
Your videos on you tube are great. I watched them again today –very informative. Thanks again, Laurie

19th Aug. Sandra D. from Grimsley, Tennesee. 4 pitch set:-
My combs arrived safely, thank you!!  They're lovely, and a joy to handle, just like my
other Forsyth tools.  I'm looking forward to the pleasure of using them.

incerely, Sandra

Sept 8th. Victoria M.from Newport News, Virginia, sent this after receiving, mini-combs/clamp and paddle combs:-
ust wanted to let you know that the combs arrived in perfect condition. They are wonderful beyond words!!!!!  I have already combed several oz of cormo lamb and they made a normally tedious task easy and quick..  Cant wait for more time to play with the Russian Paddle combs. The workmanship and design on these combs is superb!  They are a joy to use.  Thank you so much. Will be saving my pennies now for a set of English combs!  Best to you both, Vicki

Oct 16th. Kevin M. from Walthamstow, London, England, sent this:-
Dear Both, 
I am sorry to have taken so long top write and thank you for the combs.
I have given them a right bashing and am really pleased with the end results! I have used them on North Ronaldsay, Ryeland, Lincoln Longwool, Alpaca and yak down. All very different and excellent results with little waste in all cases.
I have used them also for colour blending with some commercial merino tops and that worked extremely well too.
I am really pleased with these combs. If I had to have only one set of combs (horrible thought!) these are the ones I would choose as being so generally useful. 
I have even used a single comb for scutching flax, and that worked well too!
 A truly excellent product, many thanks. Of course having had various things from you in the past, I should have expected nothing less. 
Please feel free to quote me and to refer any British enquirers to me should they wish to see them before they decide to purchase.
Thanks again and best wishes to you both,
Nov 5th. Marilyn M. from Loisville, Kentucky writes:-
Andrew and Susan,
My combs and Jennie Plyer arrived safe and sound last Thursday and I wanted to write and thank you for producing such beautiful tools. They must, in part, be a labor of love as the craftsmanship and attention to detail goes beyond function!
I tried the Jennie Plyer first as I had a lot of already spun singles waiting to be plied. I easily plied 600 yds without one tangle! And as an unanticipated bonus, I was able to divide the leftover singles on the last bobbin onto another bobbin easily and quickly using the pod, then finished plying, all without ever having to disturb my wheel setup. Such a clever design!
The Russian Paddle combs, besides being beautifully crafted are a joy to use. The set is such a versatile tool -- I am imagining many different ways to use them for perfect preparation and easy spinning. Thank you also for the thorough YouTube videos which answer any questions I might have had.

Jan 21st. 2013 R. Aaran F. from Provo, Utah orders mini combs and hackle. She writes:-
ust getting into wool processing myself, I find myself in need of combing tools. I've scoured the internet, trying to find a set of tools that both fit my needs and make the most of my budget. Like anyone in this economy, I find myself coming up with reasons why I can settle for the less expensive tools. But in the end, my conscience doesn't allow me to invest in any tool with any less of a high reputation than yours. I simply must purchase your tools if I am not to be burdened with regret later on, as I am sure to be with some of my other options. As they say, a craftsman is only as good as his tools.
Looking forward to my order, however long it takes. Aaran

Jan 22nd 2013. John S. from Mount Vernon, Washington. re 4-pitch Fine.
Combs arrived. Beautiful.

Jan 10th. Andrea R. from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Re 4-pitch superfine.
Hey Andrew, Sorry for such a late response.  I finally got a chance to use the combs and I love them.  They arrived safely and with no damage.  I have enjoyed using them (inside of my little afro picks.).  They work great and I couldn't have asked for more!  Great work, they are gorgeous! Thanks again, Andrea

Jan 28th. Bev M. from Prince George, BC received her mini-combs and clamp. She writes....
Hello Susan, 
I am pleased to report my combs and clamp arrived today. I am delighted with them. They feel good in my hands, perform their jobs admirably, and are beautiful to look at. Do convey my compliments to Andrew for his fine craftsmanship. 
I have enjoyed viewing your instructional videos on YouTube. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your videos stand out because of their focus and clarity. You convey just the right amount of information with just the right amount of repetition and emphasis. Well done!
Looking forward to hours of happy combing,  Bev

Jan 30th. Sally V from Beachwood, Ohio re; 4 pitch Superfine set.
My combs arrived yesterday and I had fun trying them out last night.
Delighted with my purchase.
I might be emailing you with some questions.
Thank you.

Jan 31st Naomi R. from Vancouver,Washington state, 4 pitch Superfine set.
Hello Susan & Andrew.. The combs arrived and they are beautiful. I combed some llama
and it was so fun to do the combing. Very smooth and effortless. The jatoba is incredible.
I do have a drop spindle out of that. The case is such a wonderful surprise. So safe and
efficient and protects my combs too. Thank you very much for such gorgeous tools and a
simple experience buying them. Sincerely yours. Naomi

Feb.22nd. Vicki M. from Glastonbury, Connecticut, contacted us after getting her new mini-coms, she writes.
Just wanted to let you know, I love, love, LOVE the combs.  My friend was over when they arrived, well, I had a hard time getting them back from her!

March 8th. Linda K. from Evanston Illinois sent this...
Paddle combs arrived yesterday, safe and beautiful.  The black walnut positively glows.  Thank you!    Linda

March 23rd. Debbie D. from Forcett, Tasmania, Australia, received her 4  pitch set, Double row mini-combs and Jennie Plyer.
Hi Susan and Andrew,
My Dutch combs and mini combs arrived today in excellent condition. They look fantastic thank you. Can't wait to use them.
Regards, Debbie

31st May 2013. Kim B. from Mount Airy North Carolina sent this about her new 4 pitch superfine combs in Walnut.
Thank you for my beautiful combs! I am thrilled. Kim

18th June 2013. Andrea A. from Brookyn New york, placed another order and said.....
Love my paddle combs and plyer!

26th June 2013
Rebecca C. form Kanata, Ontario writes:-
Arrived safe and sound on my doorstep!  Thanks, Susan and Andrew.  I'm really looking forward to getting down to combing work.
.................. Rebecca.
P.S. I was impressed by the clever way the very sharp tines on those combs are protected by each other, fitting together like lacing the fingers of two hands.  I had anticipated needing to create a protective sheath to guard those.  Now I see that's not necessary.  Beautiful and clever design!  It's obvious a lot of thought and care goes into the design and manufacture of these combs.  Much appreciated. 
Thank you!

3rd July 2013
Cheryl R. from Claymore Alberta phoned and left a message.
She said that her new Russian paddle combs and other items arrived 2 days earlier than expected. She said
“ I am over the moon, I am absolutely delighted and thrilled beyond belief”
We aim to please Cheryl....Andrew

9th July  2013
Lee L. from Dickerson, Mayland, sent this, after receiving her 4 pitch set.
Susan and Andrew!  The combs arrived yesterday and they look wonderful!  I am not "allowed" to use them until I finish up a couple of assignments (overdue) that I'm working on.  Makes for great incentive to get the job done!  I'm so looking forward to trying them out.  Thanks ever so much for your friendly, helpful and prompt "service" - and a beautiful product.  The black walnut is lovely and the workmanship a pleasure to have in my life!  Many many thanks!  -- Lee

2nd August  Sarah A. sent this message from Calgary, Alberta.
My hackle and assorted goodies arrived today.  Wonderful.  Thank you so much.  I am so pleased.   Sarah

6th Aug Teresa K. from Dearborn, Michigan received her new 4 pitch fine set.
She writes:-
Box delivered. The comb set is gorgeous!!!  Thanks so much!

9th Sept 2013
Tina J.from Half Moon Bay, California, sent us this message.
Hi Susan and Andrew,
I received my minicombs this past week and they are beautiful as I knew they would be..
and of course they are a dream to work with! Thanks so much for sending them so quickly!! I wasn't expecting them so soon, such a treat!
They have a good home here in Half Moon Bay. I will take  loving care of them.
Thank you again and I truly appreciate the work you both do!
( I watched the youtube videos and they are really good and fun to watch!)
peace and fibery fluff everywhere!

10th Sept 2013
June K. from Mongomery Village, Maryland, wrote to us.

Just wanted to let you know that my plyer has arrived. I am so happy with it.
I've already wound a few bobbins (the bobbin pod fits perfectly).
I can't wait to get enough bobbins to do some plying. Thank you for such a lovely product.

19th Nov 2013
Mystie H. from Ramsey, New Jersey, sent this.
Andrew and Susan,
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just opened my box, and I'm SO happy!!!  
The combs are beautiful, but they also fit the curve of my hands perfectly!!  
Thank you so much for the excellent quality, and the lovely bag that comes with them!
I knew that they would be delivered today to my work, so I brought some fleece in to play
with during down time.  Can't wait!!    Thanks again,  Mystie

26th November 2013.
Debbie D from Tasmania, Australia, sent us feedback about her new tools.
Hi Susan,
just letting you know that my hackle, diz and threader arrived the other day.
I have been having fun using them.
Let Andrew know once again he is a great craftsman.
The wood has gorgeous colour and grain.
Thank you, Debbie.

Aug 29th 2014
Deborah C from Mena Arizona sent...
want to say I love my combs, and am GRATEFUL that you were kind enough to send them to me. It's not often that such graciousness exists in this world. 
Anyhow, thank you. You are appreciated. Every time I use the combs, good energy is sent your way!!! 
Regards, D

Jan 13th 2015
Carolyn R from Toronto sent this message after receiving her Russian Paddle combs.
It arrived!!
Gorgeous woodwork.  My hat’s off to you, Andrew.
Lovely bag to keep it in.
I am sure you had something to do with that Susan.
I hope I can do these lovely tools justice.
thank so much to you both

Jan 14th 2015
Vickie S from Independence Missouri, sent this after receiving her Paddle comb set.

Hi Susan,
I was able to pick up my combs at the post office today.  I just missed the postman when he tried to deliver yesterday.
Anyway, everything arrived, safe and sound and the combs and bag are absolutely lovely! Thank you so much! Vickie

Jan 15th 2015
Lisa L. from Vancouver B.C. purchased our 4 pitch Fine comb set recently.
Today she sent this:-
Hello and Happy New Year, Susan and Andrew
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the wool combs I bought and received in December.  Your service and the product itself are outstanding, and I saved the box until Christmas to open it.  I’ve been meaning for a few weeks now to say how happy I am
with the combs and to thank you for all your help along the way.
All the best and thank you again for your beautiful combs and helpful service.

Jan 30th 2015
Cheryl R. from Daphne Alabama sent this about her new tools
This week I will pull out my new Enchanting Russian Paddle Combs and play at home--maybe have a friend or two come over and join me. I took them out of the box and held the combs and admired your design.  They are just beautiful--so smooth--and not too heavy at all.  I have quite a stash of beautiful fibers to start putting on them!
The combs are a sight to behold--my friends will be green with envy!   Thanks to you and Andrew for your kindness and outstanding textile tools~
Warm regards, Cheryl

1st February 2015.
Linda B. from Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia let us know that her 4 pitch set had arrived:-
Dear Susan and Andrew,
Your beautiful combs have arrived (perfect condition). The workmanship, the detail, in everything, is just wonderful. I love the idea of working with an artisan product to produce an artisan product of a different kind.
I know I'm going to so love using these combs.
Blessings to you both, Many thanks, Linda